What if you could get two prisms? One to wear and one to share?

I created the Inspire to Give Prism necklace to spread happiness, hope and unity.

When someone compliments you on your Inspire to Give Prism necklace…

Share it and you’ll also share in the feelings of happiness, hope and unity.





We want you to inspire those around you, whether they are a dear friend or someone you've just met that sparks something within you. Tell us how you've shared







Sometimes you receive a gift that you never knew would give you the strength to make it through a tough time in life. 

We didn't really know what to do when my mom passed away. There were so many unspoken I love yous. It was sudden and we didn't get the good bye we wanted. Do you ever get that good bye, though? My daughter found this in a gift shop when she was looking for something to wear to a funeral and bought it because she thought it was cute. She gave me one only because there were two, but I got so much more out of it. It carries a light that I know my mother is giving me from heaven each day. I will always cherish it and the key gives me the strength to continue to live my life to the fullest as long as I am on this earth. 



When someone gives you something that you aren't expecting, it's a feeling of overwhelming happiness. 

I was having lunch with a friend last week and was telling her about having frequent nerve issues and the scary diagnosis that can come from those. She was trying to cheer me up so we changed the subject and I asked about her necklace. She took it off and gave it to me. Of course, I refused, but when she told me she bought it in a pack of two and it was designed to share, I was so thankful. Now, when I wear it, I think of her and her generosity. I bought one to keep with me so that I can give them away when I see that someone needs a little hope. It feels so good to spread happiness in this world where we are so lost sometimes. 



I bought several of the Lucy's Inspired Prisms last year for Christmas gifts and wanted to find something similar this year to give to the same people, but a few more. 

This prism that is moving people to share hope and happiness is the perfect gift for all of the friends I love. It pairs well with the one they already have and because it's smaller, it layers great with other necklaces! Everyone knows it's my favorite gift and if they get something from me....it's going to be one of these! I've given them straight off my neck!