When Someone Walks into My Workshop

by Lucy Farmer February 17, 2017

When Someone Walks into My Workshop

It's funny really. They come to the front door and walk into my open concept living area that's full of light and just kind of take in all the architectural accents that are in and about the room. Then I escort them downstairs.

Lucy Farmer Home Living Room

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Again, it's a moment. You have to take in the fact that there is an American Flag on the ceiling. The entire ceiling is a barn roof tin American Flag, people. It's something you would never expect. It was all my husband's idea. I was a little nervous about how it would turn out, but I have to say, I love it and I'm glad everyone else does, too!

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Now, let's go into the workshop and get this shindig started. 

I lead them into the room and every single person reacts the same exact way. WOW, they say, this isn't what I was expecting, they say. Today, I had three girls working. Jeanine filling orders and Ashlee and Halley making jewelry. Jazzy is checking out the photographer making sure he isn't a serial killer. Because, well, Jazzy is protective like that. Every wall is full of chain or jewelry, every cubby has beads, leather and jump rings spilling over the top.

Lucy's Inspired Workshop

Photo by Kenslie Christine

We have hammers, pliers, a drill press, and other machines that make no sense unless you are in the jewelry making business....or carpet laying business. That's another story for another day. 

It's funny to me. I'm ready to start and they just walk around in awe. Mostly so overwhelmed that they can't focus. Welcome to my world, people. I give them a second and answer a question or ask a couple. Then I start guiding them to why they are here.  Today, it was a photographer shooting for a story that was written a couple of weeks ago. I have a lot of natural light at one end of the studio and no natural light at the other end. I know where they will want to begin. We walk down to the big window and start looking around. They are looking for the light and I'm looking at all the boxes and marble slabs and carts that will need to be moved around. I've learned not to do that before, because it will just have to be done again. It's very intriguing to me how they all see it differently. I love to see my space through someone else's eyes. Especially, when they already know the story that's being told and they have to find that story through photography. 

Today, organically, he started just shooting elements around the room. I have no idea how many times his shutter clicked, but it was hundreds, I can tell you that much. He was shooting from many angles and we were just working and talking and letting him do his thing. Then we started engaging in conversation and we got to know him better. He is such an interesting guy and I love how in the end, he was encouraging me as an artist and finding my way through this business that's bigger than me. 

Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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