We Have T-shirts!

by Lucy Farmer August 18, 2017

We Have T-shirts!

I'm not really that much of a t-shirt wearing girl. One time I worked for a company that wanted me to wear the biz t-shirt in my profile picture. I decided to cut out the neck, slice off the sleeves and re-vamp the bottom. So, when we thought about getting t-shirts, I knew I wouldn't do your average T. 

My merch girl, that's what JC calls her, came over and had so many different styles to choose from, not to mention, huggers (aka koozies), cups, bandanas, and adorable little wristlets (stay tuned for those!) We were overwhelmed, but went with this wide cut, wide neck style that is so comfy and stylish! What do you think? 

We have two colors and you can now order one for yourself in our shop! 


I'm not sure where Ella's shoes are from, but I think you HAVE TO HAVE them to make this outfit complete! I love pom poms!

We've been adding lots of new styles over the last few months, including EARRINGS! You've been asking and we finally bit the bullet! I hope you like them and see how perfectly they pair with your other pieces! 

Follow along on our instagram! We're trying to post more stories and behind the scenes....even if it is just my pets! ;)


Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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Melea Guyse
Melea Guyse

August 18, 2017

I love the t-shirts and I love Lucy ❤️

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