September 5, 2016 | Birmingham Buildings

by Lucy Farmer September 06, 2016

September 5, 2016 | Birmingham Buildings

I've been dreaming of renovating an old building for so many years. My Pinterest boards were full of brick walls, beams and windows before the dreams could even think of being a reality. Connor and I have been walking through downtown, studying the streets and looking for parking! Let me tell you, there is no parking. Wait, there's parking, but the owners of the parking do not want to share. We've been looking at one building that has large parking lots on two sides and most days those parking lots are empty, I've actually never seen either of them close to full. The owners will not even discuss selling or renting a few spaces. So, we keep looking and thinking and trying to find something we both see a vision for. Most of my dreams are the same as they were several years ago and it's taken a little time, but Connor is finally coming around to seeing the potential. 
If you follow along on instagram, you saw a building we looked at a few weeks ago with a cool advertising mural on the side. It's a good size for a beginner. The building needs a new roof, HVAC, windows, plumbing and paint. It's definitely a building that needs love. 
This building is HUGE. It's big, open spaces and potential with no end! There are 3 floors. The top two have 9,000 square feet each and the bottom floor is around 5,000 with a good sized kitchen. 
I didn't grab any pictures of the First Avenue Entrance. You can see a couple on my Instagram Story on lucysinspired. I would love to see a multi function use on this level. Food, coffee, wine, dry goods, and maybe even an event space. It's being used as an event space now for bands and college events. 
Third floor has great windows in the front and back. We would have to work on windows on each side if we want to create small lofts. 
View from the back windows!
Third floor. Potential loft space. 
Stay tuned for updates! Keep your fingers crossed, too! ;)

Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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Annie Griffin
Annie Griffin

September 20, 2016

I love old buildings! This one is huuuuge, I can’t wait to see the updates, I’m so curious! Please keep sharing the news.

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