Just a Thank You Note. from me.

by Lucy Farmer May 12, 2017

Just a Thank You Note. from me.

Hey there!

Thanks for visiting our website. Thanks for making purchases for those that you love.

Thanks for believing in me.

Sometimes I can't believe it. How did this happen? How do I have so many that love me and believe in me and want to buy something that I created? I think I mostly see it from the outside looking in. I really don't think about it being me that did all of this.

Well, we know I didn't do it alone.

Jeanine is everything.

She does all the things I don't like. All the things that wouldn't get done if it wasn't for her. (pay taxes)

Important things. 

But, when I stop and think about how you see something that I've done as something worthy for you to spend your money on, I'm humbled by that amazing gesture. So, I just wanted to thank you. 

I hope you have the best Mother's Day weekend whether you get to spend it with your Mom or your kids, your Grandmother or your best friend. Celebrate yourself for being alive and doing what you do every day. It's special and a part of how this world moves each day. xoxo

Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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