Graduation Gifts for Two!

by Lucy Farmer May 24, 2017

Graduation Gifts for Two!

Let's get real for a second. This is not an easy time of the year for Seniors. You've grown up together since you were 5 and quite possibly are still attached at the hip. But now, you've both grown into your own person. At 5 years old you wore matching EVERYTHING from socks to swimsuits, now you are more mature and have different interests. Of course, you still share socks and swimsuits, let's not get crazy! But, it's time to figure out who you want to be when you grow up and those dreams of living in the big city sharing an apartment with your bestie might have changed now that you want to create your own app and she wants to start a non-profit. You'll go to different colleges, meet new people and possibly only get to see each other on holidays. How will you survive? Well, we have a way to show her your love and still have that special memento to share. Get her the perfect #wearoneshareone necklace or bracelet.  

God is never as nervous about our future, or as concerned about our past, as we are.
-bob goff

Oh mama, we feel for you. Even more than those cute teenage girls who will still snapchat every moment of their lives to each other. They'll FaceTime each other to ask if the outfit is going to work for formal or the date with someone new. You have been there for every tear, boo boo and perfect report card. You have put every waking moment into making sure she could make it on her own, but now she's leaving you to actually become a striving adult. How can we possibly let her go? What if...what if? Give her something that's just between the two of you. You'll wear it every single day and know that every time she puts it on, she'll think of you. Inspire her. Inspire her to give. Inspire her to give back to this great big world you are letting her go into. This world is hers and she has big things to do!  

Congratulations class of 2017!
We can't wait to see how you change the world! 

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Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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