Are YOU Ready for Football?

by Lucy Farmer August 30, 2016

Are YOU Ready for Football?

Let's be honest, we live in Alabama. For most of the residents of our state, there are only 2 football teams. Alabama and Auburn. When September hits, we are all ready to start watching college football. This next Saturday is being hyped as the biggest football kickoff ever. Number 1 Alabama is playing number 20 USC. Auburn is playing number 2 Clemson. There are jokes, there are t-shirts and everyone sports their teams colors on game day. 

We get to boast that our Uncle Michael played for Alabama. They won championships while he was there and we got to travel to California for a National Championship game in 2009. We cheer for Alabama! I remember the first time we went to the Spring Game to watch Michael play, they did the wave throughout the stadium. John Connor was 7 at the time and he was enamored! I absolutely adore this photo of him I captured as he turned to make sure I was watching him do the wave as it came to our section! The. Cutest. Ever. 

Alabama Football Game

Tailgating at football games is fun for many reasons. There are tents set up on the quad and it's big business for many companies. Everyone has food, beverages and most have tv's because you have to keep up with how that other team is playing! 

We're excited to introduce our Oh Happy Day! necklace because it's perfect for game day. We have every color based on birthstones and it's easy to call it your school colors! We are featuring the January for Crimson and September for Navy. You can find other schools here, too. Make sure you have the perfect necklace to accent your new outfit! 


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Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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September 01, 2016

How absolutely adorable!

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