Faux Wood Tile Floors

by Lucy Farmer January 26, 2015

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I have been dreaming of this house for over a year and we are just a few weeks away from finishing. (like 6) I’ve been documenting along the way on the social media sites mentioned above all along and have had so much fun seeing your comments and oohs and ahhs! It’s so inspiring to me!

I posted a picture of my son’s bathroom yesterday and so many loved the tile we are using on the floor! I was thrilled. I was a little worried about using it in a bathroom. He’s such an outdoorsman, though, I knew it would fit his personality to a T…..so, I bit the bullet! It’s a faux wood ceramic tile. I was very skeptical about using faux wood. I absolutely love using reclaimed wood in different areas of our home and didn’t want this to look fake. It doesn’t! (insert spirit fingers)

I think it turned out fantastic! It has such a great mix of color and natural-looking grain that you want to reach down and touch it to see if it’s wood. I had several people ask the brand, color and where we got it, so I thought I would share that here! 

We like working with a local flooring company in Pelham, Alabama, Issis & Sons. We’ve built lots of houses over the years and these guys are always so good to us. I went by to see the samples and set up an appointment with Jennifer. She was super helpful and went out of her way to help me with every room in the house! The brand is Cerdomus and these tiles are 6×24″.  We chose the color Toasted Walnut for the floors and used the tiles in the original size laying them in a brick pattern. I’m waiting on the tub surround bullnose pieces to come in before we grout the room. Cross your fingers it’s this week! or tomorrow. (wink)

Here are a few pics of what the bathroom looks like now. It will be totally different by the end of the week! I love progress!


Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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