Bathrooms vs. Life

by Lucy Farmer August 22, 2015

The bathroom challenges on Beach Flip this week were brutal. I have never been so tired, stressed, beat up in my life and we had to take on the SECOND most important room in the house!!! 

Bathrooms are tiny, right? It’s hard to get an electrician, plumber, tiler and yourself, your teammate and carpenter in there to get it all done. OH MY WORD!!! We did it, though. We powered through this huge challenge. It was mentally challenging as well. 

We worked days and nights to get this challenge done. Daphney and I worked hard together and we hired help from the beginning. Getting this beach house in the shape we want the real estate professionals to see in the end is all about finishing with a good product. We have experience. We know a lot about what we are doing. We also know our limitations. Our strategy this entire time has been to hire contractors to do the work we aren’t comfortable with and at the same time challenge ourselves to do something we never knew we were capable of. Honestly, we had no idea it would be this hard. Having a dedicated carpenter there saved our lives. We have experience in style and design, but not as much when it comes to actually doing the labor. We never could have finished half the rooms without help. Shane was our knight in shining armor and those contractors we hired made things happen exactly like we envisioned. We finished our bathrooms. Down to every tiny detail. 

Josh didn’t like our bathroom. We won anyway. Not sure how that works. My best description is….it’s for tv. I guess because we finished. I find the negatives and tend to dwell on them. It’s pride, I know. It’s not becoming, I know. I want to win, but I want to win because I was the best. 

There’s some videos to watch in the behind the scenes. One about taking the easy road out. Editing is an amazing thing. I would stand up for my friend on any day of the year. She was my rock throughout this thing. During this episode, I could feel the pressure of myself feeling sorry that I drug her in. We didn’t know anything about how TV worked, nor did we know that drama creates ratings. Well, maybe we did. Maybe we do create drama because we know it is good for TV, but not at a person’s real character’s expense. I will never regret doing this competition show called Beach Flip. I was put there for a reason. I don’t know what will come of it and so far, it’s been pretty good. Still testing my faith and still testing my character. I hope that the lessons we learned will ring true as we continue our journey. Lessons learned to help build character in our children for their futures. 

I need to give this cutie a little love. One night we stayed at the renovation houses until 3am. I wanted a cute piece of art in the bathroom and came up with this guy. Is he not the cutest? It’s amazing what a spool of rope can make!


I get those cute comments always about do your kids ever get to see you? Get home to your kids. I spend a lot of time with my kids. We are privileged to take our kids on amazing vacations and give them experiences in life that will shape them. I want them to know, especially my daughter, that life is worth living. We are told all our lives if we put our mind to something it can be done. I want them to believe that and show them that it’s possible. There is never balance. There is never time to give up on your dreams. Take the advice of all the people that have been there……..Live each day to the fullest and be tired and proud of yourself at the end. There’s only one chance. I’m taking mine and bringing my family along with me on our way. 

Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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