Life in the Living Room

by Lucy Farmer September 09, 2015

Let’s talk plants. 

I love the way they soften a room. 

Problem is…..I do not have a green thumb. Remember those plants you had in college or in the nineties that you would put above the cabinets and they would grow like a vine? What were those called? You couldn’t kill them. They needed little light and even less water. Then, putting things above your cabinets got cluttery and we all stopped doing that. and the plants died. and I never got anymore plants. 

Fast forward to 2015 and air plants or succulents are all the rage and they will live forever and ever and ever! No matter if they are in a pot or just laying on the coffee table on the screened in porch! I remember when I bought this little chicken feeder. yep, how cute to put hens and chickens in all those little holes! This would be a genius idea and all the people would say Amen!

Well, I never got enough to fill it and then they were too big and then they wouldn’t spread and then the big ones that I stuffed into the little holes stayed there for a month or two and grew a little and then I had to pull them out because someone was coming to take pictures of moonglow lake for a magazine and then for a blog and then I had to find a better way. 

At Bella Vintage Market, I found a new favorite vendor named Perspective Design and Antiques and I wanted to buy everything in their booth, but it wouldn’t fit in my car and I didn’t have enough money. So, I opted for these adorable little things.

What are they even called? I used to have one that was really long and my Mom took it because it was empty and she’s good at filling all the things with pretty stuff or selling it when she doesn’t use it anymore. I decided two small ones would work better at my house. This way, I can spread the love around and use them for different things like a pencil holder, or a tool holder or flowers or candles or succulents for a photo shoot! Yes, that’s what they ended up being for this week! 

For several years I’ve wanted a Fig Leaf tree. Now, if you go into the nursery and ask for a fig tree they will take you to the trees that bear the fruit called figs. That is not what you want. You want a Fig Leaf Tree and when I went to the local nursery the other day, they only had two left. Everyone wants these. You’ve seen them in all the beautiful interiors on Pinterest and you’ve bought them all up….except for two. One that is shorter than I wanted and the other is tied up because the branches are falling. Thankfully, the helpful lady working gave me lots of tips to make the falling one work and she gave me a discount! I have made it to Fig Leaf Tree heaven. I love her, don’t you? I think she needs to be watered. I’ve had her a week……and when I came home from the beach this weekend, she was falling over in the floor. 

I hope she survives because I love the life she brings to this room. Are you tired of seeing this view from Moon Glow Lake, yet? I’ve taken it from every angle and it’s not going to change anytime soon….so, get used to it!

Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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