November 15, 2015 | Joel

by Lucy Farmer November 15, 2015

After sitting all day on Saturday doing absolutely NOTHING, I took a road trip to Atlanta. John Connor wanted to ride bikes again and I dropped him off with friends and headed east.  

Joel has a permanent booth at Scott’s Antique Market, which is the 2nd weekend of every month. There are so many treasures to be found and thankfully, I have Joel who will search for whatever hardware I am looking for. He has been on a HUGE shopping spree for me in the last few weeks. I got to the show after it was closing and I went straight to Joel. He had a huge box full of goodies for me!! I was on the fence about even going and just having him ship it all. It would have cost me more in shipping than gas!

Going to the market is always fun. You never know what else you’ll find. I’m a sucker for corbels. I’m pretty sure that’s well known. Steve, who sets up next to Joel came in late because of truck issues and he was just finishing unloading when I got there. Wow. He had a TON of beautiful things. 

I wanted it all!!  


These were $300 for a pair. Totally worth it, but I have nowhere to use them! Do you?  

If he had two of these, they would have been in my car! We are getting a new computer for Christmas and I would love to build a desk with two of these attached to the wall. I love the color, the circle, the shape….ahhhh.  

These will be used for a crafty project for the holidays. Any guesses?  

Cross your fingers that my computer and planner are here tomorrow!  

Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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