November 19, 2015 | Wear it Welle

by Lucy Farmer November 19, 2015

Today was an amazing day! I got to be pampered all day by Welle Studio. They have a fashion event every year called Festiwelle and I was the emcee! We did a photo shoot several months ago for the advertising spots and I got to sit among all of these gorgeous girls! They all wore clothes from the store and my jewelry! 

So, today, I got to Montgomery around 10am and went to Doug’s 2 Salon-Spa to have my makeup done! I met the sweetest girl, Rebecca of Lush Makeup Art. She worked magic on my face! We realized we have a mutual friend, Layla Palmer! I love making unexpected connections! That’s Heather on the left from Welle Studio and Rebecca on the right!

I can’t thank these two enough. We did tv and radio spots all day and they pampered me all day! Heather and Stephanie have an incredible shop in Montgomery at the A&P. Amazing clothes and great jewelry, so you can imagine, I needed something! I bought a pair of black pants, necessity, and a great purple top that I will wear all the time! The fashion show started around 7 and Ben Hagler and I ran the show! The clothing was from Fleet Feet, Christine’s Feathered Nest, Buckelew’s and Welle Studio! I found lots more to buy, but I refrained! There were so many people shopping afterward and it was electric in and out of all the shops and restaurants. Benny and the Jets were playing fun music. I am so worn out and thrilled with the day! Thanks, ladies! I can’t wait to come to the La Dames next year and be an attendee for the fashion event of the year! 

Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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