November 23, 2015 | Free Shipping

by Lucy Farmer November 23, 2015

Mondays are long. Especially when I haven’t been in the workshop since last Wednesday! Thankfully, this will be a short week! The holidays seem to make that happen! Here’s to short weeks until 2016! Speaking of being Thankful. I decided to run FREE SHIPPING this week! It’s on that fun banner I created yesterday. I love Squarespace. I love that it’s easy and it looks good and it helps those of us that can’t hire web designers create beautiful websites! 

I posted this fun quote today on instagram. It’s so true, right? We are dreamers. Constantly trying to go bigger and better and that means….no sleep! We dream while we are awake. I love that!

So, get over to the shop, do a little shopping this week and I’ll start sending out orders first thing Monday morning! We are hanging out with family through the weekend. Maybe I’ll get that sleep after all! 

Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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