November 28, 2015 | World’s Largest Brim

by Lucy Farmer November 29, 2015

We got started early this morning! The guys all got up and hunted and then we went up to the big house for breakfast. That’s what we call Grandaddy and Susu’s house. We have a little cabin at the bottom of the hill and it’s fine for us….or for the boys since they don’t care about anything fancy. Like towels for instance. I could only find one and it had been folded up for a long time. I thought I might need to wash it before I used it! There was coffee, though, and while waited on the boys to all come home, I sat on the porch and read magazine’s and planned for 2016 while I drank the coffee!! There’s very limited internet access and so you just enjoy the surroundings and if you need to do something with wifi, you just go up to the top of the hill and stand with one foot up and your left hand waving in the air and you can pretty much make it happen! 

This camp house is John Connor’s happy place. He loves to be outdoors. He’s a hunter and fisherman and when he got home from hunting, he pretty much went straight to the pond and started fishing. He caught the world record brim and then he filetted it to eat for dinner later. It was a nice bite or two! 

Susu and Grandaddy work in their yard all the time and find old bricks and old glass bottles. Tiny ones that were probably used for inkwells or medicine. They are so cute and fun, especially in a collection. I had a little styling session with these and then packed them to bring home! 

When we got to the house, this GIANT turkey was on the table! It was a little frightening. JR, Connor’s business partner shot it last year and had it mounted. We hung this guy above the door. It’s like he was made to go there! 

Finally, we all settled in outside around the fireplace to watch the Iron Bowl. It’s our in-state college football rivalry and all but two of the people are Alabama fans! It’s always a fun game to watch no matter how the teams have been doing throughout the year. Alabama should have beat Auburn by several touchdowns, but in the end it was a pretty close game. Thankfully, our team came out on top. That’s bragging rights for the next 365 days! #rolltide

I love days like this. There is no agenda and you get lots of fun things done. There was tons of food all day and jokes and stories told late into the night. It’s the one weekend I go to the camp house. I usually stay home while the guys go and Emma and I hang out or I chauffeur her around. That won’t happen this year since she can drive. She is growing up and before I know it, John Connor will be right on her heels. 

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Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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