December 2, 2015 | Decorating and The First Holiday Party

by Lucy Farmer December 03, 2015

I’ve got the itch, but I’m super overwhelmed to decorate this house for Christmas! I went to find the tree stand because I ordered a tree, yes, ordered the Christmas Tree. I didn’t order a stand, because we got a new stand a couple of years ago. I’ve been struggling with the decision of where to put the tree this year. I have zero wall space and zero corners. I’m thinking it will go in front of the middle back doors. Anyway, I found this garland and decided…I had to start somewhere. I threw it up and went and found these moss covered reindeer from one of the boxes and voila! I have a little Christmas spirit at Moonglow Lake! 

Back to that Christmas tree that I ordered. It was delivered and it was tiny. Not tiny, but not what I was looking for!! didn’t find that stand, so the cute tree was put in a cooler full of water on the front porch. Maybe Connor will take me to buy another one! This is not the first time this has happened. The first time was in 2013, the second tree? the second tree barely fit in the house!! It was so big and amazing!!! You can see it on the Holiday Home Tour of 2013!! We’ll see what happens. I don’t really have time to go buy another tree. Hello, I ordered the last one online to be delivered!! #lessonlearned #buyabiggeronethefirsttime

We went to the Office Christmas party tonight and I can NOT explain this amazing house. JR and April did not leave a detail undone. It was jaw-dropping and I need to do a tour so you guys can see it!! Maybe I will Periscope from there one day! They were building about the same time we were. We had fun talking about ideas together. She and I remodeled the lake house, Moonshine Cabin, on Lake Martin last year. Check it out, if you want! I have pictures of that house! 

Here is the one photo I took last night. I had all intentions of doing a group selfie! The food and company was so wonderful, I didn’t pick up my phone until we needed to leave to check on the kiddos!! Such a good feeling!

Stay tuned…I’ll make sure you see more of this house. It’s to die for! 


Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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