December 7, 2015 | Wish List

by Lucy Farmer December 07, 2015

I’m excited to launch a Wish List program tonight! I just sent an email to the Lucy’s Inspired subscribers. Are you on that list? You can sign up right over there>>>>> see that form?

If you didn’t get the email, it’s easy peasy. Go shopping and pin the pieces of jewelry you like to a Lucy’s Inspired Pinterest board. Come back and fill out the form. Here’s a link, but it’s also linked to that bar across the top of the page ^^^^ I’m liking those arrows! ? I’ll send the info to the Santa in your life and we will take care of it from there! Ps. There’s a discount and free shipping! PPS. I’ll gift wrap it for you. PPPS. I’ll enter EVERYONE that fills out a form into a giveaway winner to be announced next Sunday! Whew…that’s a lot of ppppppssssssss

John Connor was feeling under the weather today, but I got lots of hugs and I love you’s so I’m ok with that. He never misses school for being sick. Just for the fun stuff! ?

I got negative things done on my to do list today. That’s when you have a long to-do list, but nothing gets crossed off the list. I did a LOT, but nothing from that list! How does that happen???

For dinner we went on a wild goose chase. John Connor had a plan, but he couldn’t articulate it and wouldn’t give all the details. When Connor got home, he explained a little better, but we still went to the wrong place first and would’ve been an hour early! Oh, that kid. He has to work on communication!! It ended up being a wonderful night. 

These boys took it upon themselves to help a friend in their class whose house burned a few weeks ago. He and his family are staying in a hotel now, but they lost everything. These boys and their classmates brought in enough money for the kids to each have their own gift card to buy what they wanted and cash for their mom to help with their needs. John Connor asked us for money, but only after he had already donated the same amount. He has such a giving heart. He is always so thoughtful. Aren’t they a fine looking group?

I hope you had a great Monday! 

Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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