December 13, 2015 | Scott’s Antique Market

by Lucy Farmer December 13, 2015

Weathervane Topper

Sundays at Scott’s are my favorite! Joel and I had been texting all weekend and I knew he had a ton of stuff for me. I’ve been desperate for small keys for the small prism necklace. I can not even tell you how many we have sold in the last few months. It’s unbelievable! They are such a great item for any age and will go with everything!! I have several stores in and around Birmingham that sell 10-20 a week. It’s so humbling to know that something I make is loved by so many!

I stop in to see Joel first and let him know I’m there. He usually shows me an overview of what he has for me and then I go out and scavenge to make sure there’s nothing he’s missed! One of my favorite chain company’s was there. They have a huge inventory of new/old stock. Most of the chain is expensive, but it’s great for one of a kind necklaces! I also have a girl I see that has old rhinestone buttons and earrings. She wasn’t there today, but I did find a few good pieces outside. The bad thing about going on Sunday is it closes at 4:00. That can be a good thing, too. Everyone wants to get rid of everything so they don’t have to carry it home! I found several fun things, but didn’t buy. I have way too much at home that needs to be used or sold or given away!

Confession: I did buy two corbels. I have issues with those. I do have a plan for them, though. I’m going to build a desk for the new computer I’m buying as a family Christmas gift! I can’t wait to have it!!! I love new computers. ? I also bought a sock mold that came from a factory where it was on a conveyer belt. It’s so cool and I need to get them up on my mantel so I can show you how cute they are for pretend stockings! 

Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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