January 1, 2016 | T R U S T

by Lucy Farmer January 01, 2016


I can’t describe how much I love a new year! I love a new day, a new week, a new month, but a new year? It’s like throwing out all the bad and starting fresh with a whole new outlook on life!!

So many good things are rolling around in my brain and I can’t wait to get them out and into the world! We have a busy first half of the year planned and there’s no time to waste! I’ve been a little slack since Christmas Day and need to get back into my swing of pushing hard everyday. Don’t worry, I rest. I sleep like a bear every night! I get a good 7 hours with a tidge of toss and turn almost every night of the week! 

A few things I can share right away are that I am calling this the year of T R U S T. I watched Brene Brown’s talk on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah and she talks about what trust means. She talks about the people we trust ask for help.  I hate to ask for help. seriously. like, I don’t like to put my burden on anyone.  She quoted Charles Feltman’s definition.

TRUST: choosing to make something important to you vulnerable to the actions of someone else.

As I listened to her speak, I realized I do not trust myself. I don’t believe in myself. I have big goals for 2016. Big goals. I realized that if I do not trust myself, there is no way I can be successful! She went through an acronym Braving. I was checking them off. Then there was Vault. Do I hold secrets for others? Can I be trusted? Am I a good friend? Next was Integrity. Integrity is a huge example of trust. Do I choose courage over comfort? Do I choose what’s right over what’s fun, fast or easy? Do I practice values not just profess values? There are so many ways that I can grow in trust. I want to be able to trust others more, too. As soon as I decided this would be my word for 2016, I knew it was good.  Something I can work on for the year to grow to be a better person. Then, I open my app Jesus Calling on my phone and the title for the day? Trusting Me. no joke. God had been listening to me and wanted to remind me before I can trust myself or anyone else, I have to trust Him. If I can trust Him first, I can learn to trust myself and others easier. I loved that message. I love that just when I think I can take on this life and make all my dreams come true, He pulls me back to remind me that He is in control and things will happen as He has prepared me. I may have many lessons to learn, yet. Honestly, I can’t wait. 2015 was full of success and lessons all rolled into one giant amazing ball. I can truly say, this was a year to remember. I can’t wait to share the stories of being on TV and growing my business throughout 2015. I am sure to never forget what an incredible year it was. 

I feel so blessed to have such amazing family and friends who support me and my dreams. We believe in finding our passion and following it in our family. I want my kids to never settle. I want them to see what it’s like to follow your dreams, work hard and be successful. We are a creative family and are always learning and growing in our individual personalities. 

Connor has a lot of projects planned for 2016. Emma is 2 and a half years from graduating from high school. That can send me into freak out mode if I think about it too much. I can’t even take the fact that she will be leaving the nest and creating her own life. She is so creative, intentional, confident and well-balanced. I love to watch her heart. John Connor has more hobbies than anyone I know and picks up new ones everyday! He’s always teaching us something new and embraces us with so much love and charm. I can’t wait to keep learning from him! 

We wish you a wonderful 2016 with lots of magical adventures. We are planning many and hope you enjoy the ride along with us! 

Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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