January 20, 2016 | Back to Business

by Lucy Farmer January 20, 2016

Not that I’ve taken days off, but being in Atlanta for market was being away from the workroom. What a whirlwind that was! Y’all. It was overwhelming in the best way!! We opened stores all over the US! From Alaska to several in California, New York, Boston, Oklahoma, LAS VEGAS!! The list is long and I can’t wait to get them all over this great big world!

I’m so incredibly humbled by all the support from the retailers, friends, family and co-workers that would do what it took to help me go after my dream.  

Laura and Jeanine came to work today and we worked hard trying to get organized. My head was spinning yesterday, but having them to bounce everything in my head with made me feel a peace that we CAN do this!  

Looking forward to an escape this weekend with some girlfriends. We are hoping to go to Nashville, as long as the weather cooperates! I’m going to get started on my Alabama Chanin #buildawardrobe Maggie dress.   

Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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