Introducing Alcie

by Lucy Farmer June 01, 2016

Introducing Alcie

We love calling this the wear-with-everything-necklace. It literally goes with everything in my closet! This is the Alcie necklace. My husband's great grandmother's name was Alcie and they called her Alcie Maw. I never knew her, but she has a legacy and is talked about often at our family gatherings! 

We describe this necklace as a large prism on large chain. You will find that our chain is always changing depending on what we are finding in the marketplace. We love this new prism color, champagne. It is a great neutral for brown and black. Shown here on silver chain, it's a gorgeous contrast with that warm color. Of course, there is our signature vintage key that gives each piece a uniqueness. We love to hear how each key has a significant story for the wearer. My favorite stories are those that evoke a special memory and you can actually see the person's mind going back to that moment. 

We hope you find the perfect Lucy necklace that will remind you of something or give you the opportunity to start creating your own memories. 

Our model is 5'6" and 16 years old. 

Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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