Gabby walked with Tracy that day.

by Lucy Farmer January 01, 2019

Gabby walked with Tracy that day.

We sent one of our favorite inspire girls out to share her story, her daughter Gabby's story and the story of Inspire to Give. 

Meet Tracy Menotti. She is an uplifting, caring, supporting, daughter, wife, mother and breast cancer survivor. She and her friends walk in the Birmingham Breast Cancer Walk every October. 

We, at Inspire to Give, want to share the light in our world. We see heartache and sadness all over the world every single day, but we know in all of those cracks, there is light ready to come in. This was the perfect day to honor women who have been impacted by breast cancer with our Inspire to Give Gabby bracelets. We chose bracelets not because we give back to breast cancer, but because we give back to the United Mitochondrial Foundation in honor of Tracy's daughter,

Gabriella Maria Menotti. 


Gabby was born March 9, 2004. She seemed somewhat normal for the first 6 weeks of her life, then started having seizures. The next 4 to 5 months consisted of numerous doctor visits and hospitalizations when we finally got a diagnosis of mitochondrial disorder. This disorder completely disabled her. She was unable to walk or talk, see or even hear well. She could not sit up or even hold her head up. She was never able to communicate at all. She continued to have seizures throughout her life.

Thanks to family, friends and numerous members of the healthcare community, Gabby nearly made it to her 12th birthday. Although Gabby was never able to communicate, she was an inspiration to many. Gabby passed away December 20th, 2015. She will be missed greatly by many.

Breast Cancer Walk lucysinspired.comBreast Cancer Walk lucysinspired.comBreast Cancer Walk lucysinspired.comBreast Cancer Walk lucysinspired.comBreast Cancer Walk

Tracy and friends walked the walk that day. They held each other and held strangers by showing them that they are special. That they are seen and that there is someone that cares. We hope each recipient of a bracelet will see that bracelet on her wrist and realize that they have many reasons to be thankful for the life they are in and so many more reasons to share their stories. 

Let us know your story of Inspire to Give to see it published here! We love to share the stories that inspire you because you inspire us. 

Lucy Farmer
Lucy Farmer


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